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Hair Removal via waxing

Treatment Strip Wax Hot Wax
 Arm wax £18
Back or Chest wax £29
Back and chest wax £40
Half leg wax £21
Full leg wax £30
Full leg and bikini £38
Half leg and bikini £28
Bikini wax £16 £24
Hollywood wax £35 £40
Brazilian wax £27  £38
Underarm wax £15  £19
Chin wax £9  £12
Lip wax £9  £12
Lip and chin wax £15 £18
Eyebrow wax £13  £18
Nose wax  – £12
Full face  £30

How long does my hair need to be before it can be waxed?
It is recommended to be about a ¼ of an inch (6mm) long so the wax is able to attach to and remove the hair. If you usually shave (particularly legs) then two weeks growth is necessary to ensure all the hairs have reached optimum length evenly.

What is the actual difference between Hot Wax and Strip Wax?
Hot wax is performed by applying a substantially thick layer on the skin, ensuring a thorough coating of each hair. As it cools the wax hardens which is then easily removed, without the aid of any material strips, taking the hair with it.
Strip/ cream wax however is applied by spreading the warmed wax thinly and evenly over the skins surface, then press a cloth or paper strip on top and ripped off in quick movement against the direction of hair growth. This removes the wax along with the hair.

Is there anything I can do to prevent ingrown hairs?
Exfoliate before the wax and a few days after  and that will reduce the chance of ingrown hairs developing.