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Nails are much more complicated than you think. There’s nothing in the beauty world that portrays who you are quite like your nails, from the colour polish you choose to the length and style your nails are shaped in.

Your nails grow at the rate of 0.01mm daily, or 1cm in every 100 days, so for a fingernail to re-grow completely, it takes between 4–6 months. For toenails, it takes 12–18 months to re-grow. Nails on your dominant hand tend to grow faster. 


Acrylic treatment is stronger than gel polish. A layer of acrylic is applied by hand to your natural nail by the therapist. Acrylic is the best way to add length to your natural nails with application of false tips, the strength of the acrylic securing them in place. A longer-term fix than the gel weekend nails.




Natural full set


Infills on natural acrylics

Recommended every 2/3 weeks


Full set French acrylic

Classic pink and white


Rebalance of French acrylic


Acrylics with gel polish application


Weekend nails



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